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Associations & Collaborations

World Health Academy (WHA)

The WHA is a directing and coordinating organization in the field of medicine. The special mandate of the WHA, expressed in its Constitution, is to chart a successful course for health care delivery globally by articulating health guidelines and standards and helping nations address public health issues.

The WHA aims to provide leadership on health matters, form the health research agenda, articulate norms and standards, evince evidence-based policy options, and monitor and assess health trends. The activities and policies of the WHA reflect its global mission. With the assistance of the WHA, governments and constituent national medical associations can jointly tackle health problems and improve the welfare of their citizens. The International Medical Assembly is the legislative and policy-making authority of the WHA. The International Medical Assembly consists of elected representatives from every constituent national medical association. The WHA's work is supported by the Board of Trustees. Six regional councils focus on health matters of a localized nature. The WHA provides a forum for its members and constituent national medical associations to communicate, cooperate, and interact to achieve consensus on global health matters and to support the academic freedom needed for the medical sciences to flourish. The WHA and its constituent national medical associations work with many partners, including donors, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The WHA's people bring unparalleled aptitude, experience, and commitment to the field of medicine. The WHA has been highly successful in the encouragement of national medical associations. Today there are countless such constituent associations. WHA publications, including the lead journal International Journal of Medicine, seek to meet the needs of students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and patients in different parts of the world.

Centro Studi per la RicercaMultidisciplinareRigenerativa

The Study Centre for Research Multidisciplinary Regenerative (CSRMR), promotes basic research and applied in the context of interdisciplinary Regenerative Sciences.

The research focused on the study, both theoretical and experimental, of the possible arrangements to repair tissues, organs and cells damaged by disease, trauma and physiological conditions such as aging.

These activities are undertaken in collaboration both with other research facilities of our university (in particular with the Department of Nuclear Physics, Subnucleare and Radiation, and with the Center for Studies of Life) and with international structures operating at universities connected (University Chandigarh - Chandigarh, India; Charles University - Prague, Czech Republic; University of Shenyang - Shenyang, China; University of Boston - Boston, MA, USA) and with the scientific foundations World Health Academy (Zurich, Switzerland), Vitiligo Research Foundation (New York, NY, USA) andNew York Academy of Science (New York, NY, USA).

ReGenera Research Group

Regenera Research Group is a scientific association that deals with research, training and dissemination on predictive medicine, preventive, regenerative and healthy-aging. The association is aimed at doctors, biologists, nutritionists, pharmacists.

The association is aimed at doctors, biologists, nutritionists and pharmacists, and deals with information aimed at the general public through , the web information magazine dedicated to women in terms of prevention, health and wellness, to contribute to the development of ethical and healthy-aging antiaging medicine in Italy. The general public is also facing the project focused on aging Associates may contribute to the dissemination of information and advice sending their works, articles, etc. for preparing scientific Regenera was chosen from multiple realities conference as foreign representative Italian predi-preventive medicine and healthy aging through the organization and coordination of conference sessions.

Centre for Studies and Research in Life Sciences

The Centre for Studies and Research in Life Sciences directs its interests towards the interaction between different areas of research, with the aim of making a weld between the methodologies of research in the field of physiology, psychology and biology. It also deals with promoting research in the field of history of medicine with particular attention to the development of the complex relationships between the welfare physio-psychic, the environment and the different socio-cultural structures have occurred over the centuries.

Association for Integrative Oncologic Therapies Research (A.R.T.O.I.)

The Association for Integrative Oncologic Therapies Research (A.R.T.O.I.) is a no-profit association. A.R.T.O.I. is a multidisciplinary professional organization that studies, researches and applies the oncological treatments through the integrative use of different therapeutic approaches. Each option includes: botanical and natural products, nutrition, acupuncture, body-mind therapy and other complementary methods.

Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM)

The Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) is an international non-profit association founded and registered in Norway in 2013. CONEM is established to facilitate research and information activities related to nutritional and environmental medicine. The fundamental mission is to promote the health of the public at large.

CONEM collaborates in research, and publishes research and review articles in international peer-reviewed journals. The association collaborates in research on metal allergy with the MELISA Medica Foundation. CONEM is associate member of the International Zinc Association, and shares affiliations with the British Society for Ecological Medicine.

Members of CONEM are mainly dental, medical and research professionals interested in nutritional and environmental medicine. Founder and president of the association is Geir Bjørklund.