open access text

Strategic Goals and Objectives

OA Text’s mission and vision is supported by strategic objectives organized around three goals.

  • 1. Scientific Leadership and Collaboration
  • 2. Collaborative Open Science and Society
  • 3. Talent Hub

To meet these expectations, we need science that is faster, more open, more trustworthy, and more meaningful to people.

Strategic Objectives

Scientific Leadership and Collaboration

To make OA Text leader in scientific innovation, we need a science that is faster, more open, more trustworthy and more meaningful to people and focus on global issues. To achieve this, OA Text follows the below objectives:

  • Develop strategies for collaboration (joint meetings and publications) with other learned societies and develop a plan that enhances the quality of all scientific communications.
  • Develop an interface between our science and that of other disciplines.
  • Strengthen OA Text’s ability to operate in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • Transform the future of OA Text’s scientific publishing in an evolving marketplace.

Collaborative Open Science and Society

The widespread reach of the internet and with the growing adoption of open access scientists’ ability to collaborate effectively over long distances is now a key challenge for scientists at all stages of their career and inform society about the excitement of science and its role in developing solutions for the humanity.

  • This platform provides access to post the comments or suggestions and make it a hub for collaboration between authors, editors, reviewers and readers. Initially it’s implemented for only research articles.
  • In this model, a scientific paper is not simply the final PDF. It includes all the comments and feedback or writing a review to published article.
  • This model encourages engagement with the science and scientists behind the paper, increasing openness and transparency, and strengthening follow-up research.
  • This model act as mechanism to support interdisciplinary collaboration among scientific community and communicating research to more audience and provide solutions to today’s most challenges.
  • It increases effectiveness and recognition of OA Text among decision makers as an authoritative source of integrated, interdisciplinary scientific information.

Talent Hub

With the help of Editors and Editor-in-Chiefs the OA Text builds up the global Talent Hub in Science.

  • Increase our understanding of the real barriers for authors to publish in reputed journals as the APC is high and their research is not available for wider population due to subscription charges.
  • Enhance engagement and involvement of students and early career scientists.
  • Make editors to use OA Text as Training ground for their students (Masters, PhD, Post doc) where the group of students will be headed by an one editorial assistant to communicate on regular basis and in turn cut down the production cost and employee cost as students engage as volunteer for a sustainable future of science.
  • Enhance mutual support and networking opportunities for students and early career scientists.
  • Increased participation of students (Talent Hub) as editorial assistant would change the traditional way of charging the author pay model publishing in near future gradually.