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The new theory of cancer complements ancient Chinese Qigong therapy

Vladimir Ermoshkin

Russian New University (RosNOU), Moscow, Russia

E-mail : bhuvaneswari.bibleraaj@uhsm.nhs.uk

DOI: 10.15761/HCCT.1000106

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Goal: The death rate from cancer is ranked second in the world after the death from cardiovascular disease (CVD). The official medicine it is believed that the causes of cancer are many. This article describes an updated view of the mechanism of occurrence of cancer, which is almost the same as the qigong therapy, but with an important addition.

Methods: Finding information in the literature, participation in medical conferences in Russia (2012-2016), in Australia (Brisbane "Arrhythmia-2016"), correspondence with scientists, discussions with leading Russian cardiologists, publication of articles.

Results: It was possible to show that the study of cancer of reasons in terms of a new theory and from the point of view of the ancient Chinese Tai Chi-Qigong therapy is almost identical. The only difference is that in the new theory, compared with Qigong Tai Chi, there is an important addition to the existence in the human cardiovascular system periodically opens major arteriovenous anastomoses and some correction treatment of the underlying causes of the disease.

Conclusions: With the proposed theory, and taking into account the findings of ancient Chinese medicine is possible in the near future be able to move forward in the knowledge of the main causes of morbidity certain types of cancer and its treatment. 


CVD: cardiovascular disease, CMC: cardiomyocytes, CCS: cardiac conduction system, SCD: sudden cardiac death, AP: arterial pressure, AVA: arteriovenous anastomosis, CVS: cardiovascular system, ES: extra systole


Currently, the problem of prevention and treatment of cancer is very serious. Debate about the causes of this insidious disease has been long time not fade. Some say the reason: viruses, fungi, parasites, acidic environment. Others - mutation of the body's own cells and the impotence of the body to destroy these cells due to the blocking of immune cells. Who is right? This article - a pilot study of the new short version of the opinion is the fact that some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease have one and the same cause - venous plethora. In turn, the cause of venous plethora is excessive discharge of arterial blood in the veins due to opening of arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA).


Modern position of official medicine

Modern Western medicine is a high-tech - it's disease medicine, tests, biochemical studies, inspections and tests of the effectiveness of new drugs. If a person feels "bad", and the disease is not detected, then this condition is often referred to as psychosomatic diseases, and in the best case, you will be advised to relax, work out, or at least go to a therapist.

If we consider in detail the cause of cancer, from the point of view of modern Western medicine on the causes of cancer affects the following set of circumstances: hazardous substances, radiation, genetically modified foods, the presence of microwave ovens, increased acidity of the body, viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, deficiency of nutrients, hormonal imbalances, non-optimal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, weakened immunity, power imbalance, energy, food, lack of love, selfishness, internal conflicts. Thus, the causes are physical, chemical, biological, and psychological factors that man is hard to shake. So, with respect to types of cancer and a variety of reasons there are so many opinions. These views are known and they are published in various articles.

For example, here is one of the earliest and perhaps the right (but later rejected) assumptions about the causes of cancer. "Correlation of thrombotic complications and cancer for a long time attracted the attention of scientists.

The first elements of the pathogenesis of this relationship were presented to the famous Parisian physician Armand Trousseau in 1861 [1]. Since the migrating combination patient vein thrombosis and the presence of tumor pathology known in medicine as «Syndrome Trousseau». We also know that the second most common cause of death in patients with cancer are thromboembolic complications. This relationship is characterized by both direct and inverse relationship. In addition, the common forms of cancer are characterized by a wide spectrum of disorders of blood coagulation.

On the other hand, it is believed that cancer is a trigger combination pathological factors known as Virchow's triad [2]: stasis, damage to the endothelial lining of the vessel, blood hypercoagulation.

At the same time, we note also that some modern researchers report that the true causes of cancer is still unknown.

According to the analysis, if the diagnosis "cancer" is confirmed, the patient is sent to a specialized department of the hospital. The main types of treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, drug therapy, pain management, a combination of different methods, including the ancient Chinese.

Most recently there have been reports of good results for the prevention and reduction of mortality from colorectal cancer with regular use of aspirin for people up to 70 years [3]. After 70 years in the recommendations there are contraindications. It has previously been shown that aspirin reduces blood viscosity, so it has long been used for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. But what is the mechanism for reducing cancer mortality? This issue is part of Western medicine remained unanswered. However, without the correct answer are findings in which was revealed the correlation of endometriosis in women, and CVD [4]. The new theory provides the answer!

The point of view of ancient Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is initially focused on the preservation of health, prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of psychosomatic and chronic diseases. If the patient is an ancient Chinese healer ill, he is shamefully thrown out of the house as a bad doctor, unable to prevent the disease. Below is the text in bold the keywords of these theories related to the mechanisms (or the main reasons for) the emergence of cancer.

Traditional Chinese medicine, namely, qigong therapy and Tai Chi, it is believed that a cancerous tumor - a type of disease involving the entire body in the process [5-8]. Causes tumors can be summarized as the damage internal organs caused by emotional stress, and imbalance (disequilibrium) of the internal environment that allow pathogenic harmful factors enter into the body and block the meridians and collaterals [9]. Pathogenic hazards pose a problem, as a result of blood stagnation and vital energy. It develops into a tumor. The development of the disease involves a decrease of vitality and growth of harmful factors. Cancer pathology follows: stasis energy, blood stasis, delay vital energy, mucus and food. As a result of a long stagnation there is a birth of new (cancer) cells. Neither the body of cancer or cancers cells are not components of the mother's body. They are the "babies" that absorb food and energy for their own growth with the use of the power of the mother's body, they also use the special protection of countering maternal immune cells of the body. Cancer cells can be called "embryo", "embryo". Based on the millennial experience of Chinese medicine physicians have come to the conclusion that any drug can not enter "through the membrane" in the cell. That is why the ancient Chinese doctors said that "cancer can not only be cured with the help of medication." you must be connected to the "Daoin" for the treatment of cancer. The purpose of the trainings is to Daoin, invoke the circulation of Qi in its strengthening, in increasing its levels in the body.

Since cancer is caused mainly emotional stress and obstacles in the propagation of physical energy, improper circulation of Qi energy meridians of the body, the emphasis in the selection system qigong exercises should be done to strengthen the vitality and to reduce sthenic harmful factors, mood patients complete cure. It is preferred to increase the primordial energy use "system of regulation of respiration and strengthening Qi". "The method of brisk walking with short quick breath" should be used to cleanse the channels and removal of harmful factors. Since the disorders are caused by emotional factors, is to calm the mind and maintain the cerebral cortex in a protective over-braking condition should apply "method opening and closing the energy channels with a deep breath."

To Qigong exercises have effect fully, patient sometimes necessary to perform them for a few hours. Long time of trainings help restore healthy energy, and the patient feels strong again. Rapid growth healthy energy and the removal of harmful factors can lead to early restoration of normal functions organism and activate metabolism. There is evidence of complete cure of cancer patients using only qigong therapy [5-8].

In fact, Qigong offer significant lifestyle changes: do not think about the problems, to adjust itself to useful things, to engage in nature clock special physical exercises at a slow pace, train aperture using the "fast" breathing periodically move to fast walking, etc. Perhaps the Chinese method is correct. But what if you need immediate assistance, or when the disease has gone too far?

The new point of view in accordance with the new causes of venous plethora

Earlier work has shown some fundamental role arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA) in the mechanism of occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias and other diseases [10-15]. It has been shown that the de fitness of the organism during periods of increased physical and nervous stress, due to the short-term or persistent high blood pressure (BP) in humans can be opened AVA. Recent data suggest that AVA can exist in almost all organs in humans [16,17]. In general, the growth of collateral vessels and anastomoses, increased tortuosity of vessels - is a natural adaptation of the arteries and veins to a persistent increase in blood pressure in the body or parts thereof. AVA to work properly, they need to be "trained" by daily moderate physical activity, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Opening lumen AVA, say 1-3 seconds, resulting in a significant decrease in blood pressure at a peak until all arteries arterioles. It has been suggested that the opening and closing of the AVA (AVA or cascade) is the protection of the cardiovascular system (CVS) a person from strokes and heart attacks major organs due to high levels of blood pressure. Apparently, sometimes with age, with concomitant hypertension, atherosclerosis, sedentary lifestyle some AVA deformed they are closed or dense or closed with a time delay above the "normal" or minimally they remain open for too long. It is in such periods of time resets of the arterial blood directly into veins. Vienna is full, the volume and pressure of venous blood increases, and the volume and pressure of arterial blood decreases. In those bodies that have lost power, lowers the temperature of bodies become colder. Part of the work of the heart becomes useless, as it becomes useless some of the work of pumping arterial blood directly into a large vein, bypassing the capillary network, while leaving without power, some groups working cell. Because venous plethora and edema man quickly gaining weight, which is difficult to get rid of, there is some "big" stomach and "too thick" legs human figure becomes overweight. Apparently, it is here, in the open AVA is also the answer to the causes of heart failure is associated with almost all CVD.

When AVA opened there are times when crowded hollow Vienna becomes able to hold the pulse waves in their tense walls of the passage of these waves in the atria and ventricles of the heart. Full mechanical pulse waves route is as follows: left ventricle, aorta, artery, AVA, vein, cava vein, right atrium. Mechanical pulses can excite the myocardium and generate or extra systoles (ES) or, under certain conditions, a tachycardia. If excitement is focused on the atria, then there are atrial tachycardia or ES. If the mechanical waves are focused on the apex of the heart, then there are ventricular tachycardia and ventricular ES. Such events can be identified on the tape ECG complexes wider QRS - it is usually "pattern" mechanical excitations ventricular cardiomyocytes (CMC). When reducing the pressure in the vena cava mechanical impulses become too weak, and it usually contributes to problem-free restoration of sinus rhythm. To prevent arrhythmia is necessary to direct the efforts of researchers for the development of devices for the suppression of pulse waves running through the veins on the large [18]. If such a method is found, then, apparently, the need for radio frequency ablation of the heart is reduced, the potential force of the myocardium will not be changed downward.

"Take" mechanical signals mainly fibroblasts, etc., due to the mechano-electrical conversion, the signal is transmitted to the CMC [11], and is excited by the myocardium in strict accordance with the mechanical wave motion. Than people over, the greater the percentage in myocardial tissue and blood vessels occupy fibroblasts and connective tissue, the less damping mechanical waves, the greater the likelihood of arrhythmia. In cases of severe ischemia and provided that it formed several fronts mechanical waves, and taking into account the excitations coming from disparate groups of P-cells of the cardiac conduction system (CCS), may suddenly begin mess CMC excitations. The result can be an attack of ventricular fibrillation and sudden cardiac death (SCD). Brief justification causes arrhythmia, and a set of extra weight, I brought here because in order to emphasize the possibility of global problems for the body with sub-optimal operation AVA.

But back to the ascending pressure and blood volume in the vena cava with open AVA. Arterial blood that gets into the veins continue to move up to the right atrium and then passing the pulmonary circulation, rush to the left side of the heart, then into the aorta and arteries. At the same time the blood that falls through the AVA in the vena cava, goes not only up, but also goes to all the veins draining into the vena cava, ie venous, or rather mixed blood, begins to move "retrograde". In fact, the linear advancement of blood "reverse" will be small, because virtually incompressible liquid to move fluid through the vessels to go, because during the movement goes vasoconstriction. As a result, increase the pressure in the small veins and venules, which cross-section with respect to the norm will increase significantly, there will be damage to the vessel walls.

Distribution of blood flow and venous pressure will be in accordance with an additional hydrostatic pressure, i.e. by the laws of hydrodynamics. pressure additives for the legs and pelvic organs will be maximized for prolonged sitting or standing posture. Given the heavy loads on the venous valves, the latter will not hold small liquid column height of 8-10 cm, in accordance with the average distance between the valves and one large pole fluid, because bars over adjacent interlock valves may overflow the veins. Also, the pressure may increase significantly due to damage valves.

This will inevitably lead to stagnation, stasis, swelling in the tissues. The overwhelming problem is this: when venous plethora created insufficient pressure difference between the arterioles and venules. As a result of the increased venous pressure near venules blood starts oozing through the walls of blood vessels, so the amount of interstitial fluid will increase, there will be swelling subsides.

Now it becomes clear to the triad of Virchow. The logical chain of events is as follows. First great physical or psychological stress (including due to overeating, alcohol, smoking) on the heart to increase blood pressure, then growth and the opening of the ABA, then stagnation and stasis microcirculation, while damage to the vessel walls due to overload high pressure, then stagnant blood inevitably turns into a clot, then, if you do not treat a person, necrosis and cancer.

Recall that the normal distribution pressure is to be: Inlet arterioles 60-70 mm Hg, at the end capillary blood of 30-40 mm Hg, the venous end at 15-20 mm Hg, at the outlet of the venules of 10-15 mm Hg. However, venous stasis pressure gradient becomes insufficient. In extreme cases, the gradient becomes abnormal: venules in pressure can be greater than arterioles.

It is known that the swelling and varicose veins begin their pathological attack usually from the lower extremities and pelvic organs. Now it becomes clear reason for this - it is destroying the influence of gravitational forces. Gradually, in the zone of stagnation due to the slowing of blood flow in large vessels and the microcirculation of stasis thrombosis occurs. The fabric gradually loses all power, deadening. It is in the pelvic organs in women begins to emerge a big problem: endometriosis, infertility, hemorrhoids, pelvic pain (endometriosis, infertility, hemorrhoids, pelvic pain) and others. In men, problems are similar, but with its own characteristics: inflammation, urethritis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, impotence (inflammation, urethritis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, impotence). Prolonged engorgement leads to thrombosis, trophic ulcers and other pathologies, up to cancer, for example, often cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer and others. As we can see, when venous plethora endometriosis and many CVD have the same cause, which is why they are correlated [4].

To prevent the appearance of cancer from the standpoint of the new theory is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, do exercises in the horizontal position of the body on the back (for the outflow of stagnant blood from the legs and pelvic organs) regularly conduct breathing exercises as breathing delays and a sharp breath for aperture training [18], eat right, engage daoin qigong therapy, yoga, and other practices. Of course, there are many unexplored, including at the level of drug therapy: periodically drawn into the systemic circulation blood clots or microthrombuses need time to remove or dissolve, to prevent their falling into the right atrium. It dissolves microthrombuses aspirin increases the fluidity of blood. Thus, regular intake of aspirin can be a good prevention of not only cardiovascular disease, but certain types of cancer [3].

Comparison of two theories: the theory of qigong and the new theory

Let's move on to a detailed comparison of the theory.

  1. Qigong: cancer - a type of disease involving the entire body. The new theory: the dominant vertical position of the body open AVA lead to venous congestion of the whole organism. Due to the Earth's gravity is primarily affected leg and pelvic organs.

2) Qigong: blood stasis and vital energy develops into a tumor. The new theory: blood stasis, the inability to warm saturated energy (oxygen) and nutrition (protein, fats, carbohydrates) of arterial blood to pass to the cells leads to stagnation, stasis, and eventually, perhaps, to cancerous tumors.

3) Qigong: energy stasis, blood stasis, delayed vital energy, mucus and food. The new theory: stasis capillary circulation due to increased venous pressure in open AVA. At the same time lymph stasis, delayed circulation, disturbance of homeostasis, digestion lag, especially in the rectum.

4) Qigong: Medicine cannot cure the disease, because any medication cannot enter "through the membrane" cells. The new theory: stasis of arterial and venous circulation in blocking blood flow slows down or the absence of any movement, except for diffuse. The drug cannot be delivered to the body, since No perfusion, no flow, no strength to blood flow in the right direction. The drug never reaches the working cell, where there was a capillary stasis thrombosis.

5) Qigong: delay causes a lot, delay means stagnation, stagnation of energy and blood. They stagnate due exposures gradually under-take the form of a lump as a result of excess accumulation. Lumps called something like the mass, which can spontaneously subside. The new theory: the Chinese description must be interpreted as stagnation of blood leads to the formation of blood clots (masses, lumps), which are deposited on the walls of the veins.

6) Qigong: it is necessary to combine drugs with "Daoin" for the treatment of cancer. The purpose of gymnastics exercises Daoin lies in activating the circulation of Qi through a quick walk with short quick breath. The new theory: for the extraction of stale blood of the working day (due to open AVA) and its involvement in the systemic circulation need special exercises. This can be done with the help of the periodic change in body position, or working the muscles of the lower half of the body, either by special breathing exercises for the diaphragm, or automatically by the suction force of the right atrium, but the effect of the suction force is very weak. But the main and most powerful forces on removing stagnant blood in venules can be realized only through the alternation of sharp and smooth movement of the diaphragm plus chest muscles, so special breathing exercises and brisk walking are crucial [19].

7) Qigong: no body of cancer or cancer cells are not components of the mother's body. They are the "babies". They are called embryos, fetuses. The new theory: I can only repeat the established opinion. The official medicine it is believed that the cancer - this is (under certain conditions) multi-stage disease where the body's normal process of transforming into malignant cells first and then a cancer at the heart of oncogenesis (carcinogenesis).

We draw the final analysis of the comparison of the two theories of cancer. I think both theories are very similar, almost like twins. Only in the ancient Chinese theory of Qigong cause of stagnation and stasis ornately described, metaphorically, some of her statements seem incomprehensible to the modern reader. (Notice the bold text snippets above.) Instead, for some reason in the form of "emotional stress, an imbalance of the internal environment, obstacles in the propagation of sound energy" in the new theory says about the physical reason, an "arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA), which at its opening gaps pose an increased venous pressure and block the capillary blood circulation in certain organs." This is a new explanation of the causes of diseases. In modern cardiology of this mechanism as the main, there is no mention. But if we look at the reasons for the opening of AVA given in the beginning of the article, all the presentation of the new theory is logical: AVA opened due to physical or psychological stress, due to stress, due to a sedentary lifestyle. Now much falls into place: It's understandable, everything can be measured at all desired, the researchers demonstrate, one follows from another.

It is time to make a cautious assumption that ancient Chinese scholars for millennia observations have not revealed the true mechanism of congestion and energy, the true mechanism of venous pressure in human organs. Descriptions of the phenomena taking place and the sequence of events described correctly and in detail, but the real mechanism and remain subservient to no one. I do not think that the ancient Chinese were deliberately conceal the exact mechanism of nucleation of CVD and cancer as well. Ancient Chinese people about the impact of open AVA, too, apparently, did not know anything, so the result of the impact of opening replaced the AVA to the preceding events on this phenomenon is difficult to assess in quantitative terms "emotional stress, an imbalance of the internal environment, energy, Qi stasis." And this flaw will not beg for the achievement of Chinese doctors, because methods for treating human cancer look very convincing and they are supported by thousands of years of practice.

And now a few words about what can be addition to the prevention and treatment of diseases that are affected by the proposed new theory. These diseases include cardiovascular disease and many cancers. The first place for plausibility is daoin qigong therapy, apparently, with some changes and reductions in duration of exercise. For this purpose it is necessary to conduct additional studies cycle. It looks promising engineering solution: the installation on the testimony of artificial anastomosis (shunt) [20]. For example, setting the modified device type «ROX AV Coupler» company ROX Medical. But it is necessary to perfect the device so as to have the possibility in real time, depending on the current blood pressure in a particular patient's artery, modify artificial anastomosis lumen until its complete closing. Apparently, in cases of installation of artificial grafts for the growth of natural anastomoses no reason, and some of the problems of cancer and cardiovascular disease will disappear by themselves or they will be transferred to old age.

So, taking into account the new theory in 2017 and subsequent years may open new perspectives to the prevention and treatment of major diseases in medicine, which often lead to the deaths of working age.


1) The cause (etiology) and development (pathogenesis) of cancer from the point of view of the proposed new theory, and according to the ancient Chinese qigong therapy Daoin largely coincide. To believe or not to believe the ancient Chinese theory of the causes of cancer? Believe it or not their methods of cancer treatment? Now the question becomes smaller, you must believe, because it reveals the mechanism of diseases and it is confirmed by millennial observation.

2) In qigong therapy says that with the help of some medicinal methods of cancer does not get rid of, because when stasis is not delivered to the cells food. Breathing exercises are needed for training and the involvement of the diaphragm stagnant blood in a big circle. Following the logic of Qigong therapy, we conclude that the drug can only play a complementary role in the treatment of human cancer.

3) We examined theories of Qigong and the new theory, there is one significant difference. This difference is related to a key issue, with the root cause, in fact with the mechanism of cancer. The new theory proves cancer cause long-term increase in venous pressure due to the opening of arteriovenous anastomoses (AVA) or cascade, which open and close when adjusting the blood pressure at the local or systemic levels. In qigong therapy it is said, but not specifically about the reasons: because of the emotional stress of an imbalance of the internal environment, due to obstacles in the propagation of sound energy Qi. But it is precisely these clinical observations preceded the opening of the AVA according to a new theory!

4) In accordance with the proposed new theory it turns out that many of the causes of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer is largely the same. This occurs due to excessive reset AVA arterial blood through the veins. If so, then it is understandable why qigong therapy specific exercises for these two groups of diseases are very similar. It is also interesting that the same recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer in terms of European medicine: regular intake of aspirin [3]. Thus, open AVA lead to venous congestion and venous plethora - many CVD and certain types of cancer!

5) It is necessary to continue the research in accordance with the new interpretations of the two theories. A promising step for the prevention of both cardiovascular disease and cancer in humans is the installation of artificial anastomosis of a new type. On the basis of this material are waiting for proposals from the inventors of implantable devices such as AVA.

6) appeal to health leaders in oncology and cardiovascular disease. A new theory emerged in the CVD sources in 2011, a new theory of the mechanism of cancer - in 2016. Why so long leaders from medicine do not pay any attention to the new theory? It would be understandable if the doctors know their cause and mechanism, if there were a high percentage of sudden deaths in working age, if the CVD and cancer mortality was not in the first place. But this is not the case. Nevertheless, the author is ready to promote a new theory. 


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