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The variants of AIDS treatment

Sergey Makarov

Independent researcher, Riga, Latvia

E-mail : bhuvaneswari.bibleraaj@uhsm.nhs.uk

DOI: 10.15761/VRR.1000102

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In this article the author analyzes the options for the treatment of human AIDS. It turned out that such options are many. The main thing is that AIDS is not a contagious disease, so for its treatment it is not need to swallow any sorts of drugs

Key words

AIDS, Human immune defense system, parasitic program, T-helpers, thymus gland, hyperthermia

I fully discovered the mechanism of the origin and course of AIDS in human [1]. AIDS - not an infectious disease, it is a physical spreading of some kind of parasitic process in the human blood, that moves through the blood and “recycles” all T-helper cells, which are found in his way. T-helper cells originally intended to be on guard of the human body against of all of the input infections. Usually met with input infection, each T-helper comes to the inextricable link with it and then they go to waste with the releasing from the body.

Parasitic AIDS program doesn’t have any material carrier [1]. It can move only through track of living blood. If this path ends or single T-helper cells ends in blood, the AIDS program simply disappears without a trace and without any possibility of its renewal. You can get the parasitic AIDS program secondly only with the new track of live blood from an AIDS patient man.

Parasitic AIDS program moves through the blood and combines all single T-helper cells into pairs with each other. After that, their protective function ends: it turns out that such T-helpers, supposedly, already fulfilled their function of connection and then it's time to go to waste. The thymus gland in the human body is constantly working, it is constantly producing more and more T-helper cells and sends them into the human’s blood. If this parasitic AIDS program is working in the blood, it converts these single T-helper cells into twin T-helper cells. If a person has very powerful thymus gland, the part of the produced by him T-helper cells is utilized by the AIDS program, but part of these T-helpers continues to stand as guard over the body against the input infections. This state of the body can take many years and the AIDS program in human blood at the same time may be not discovered and such people just seem healthy.

If the thymus gland in human does not work well, the AIDS program moves closely to the thymus and successfully uses all produced by the gland T-helper cells. At the same time, any T-helpers do not remain for the body's defense against infections, and then virtually any external infection can move a man into the grave. And now imagine that the AIDS program has already processed all available T-helper cells in the body, but thymus gland does not produce new T-helpers. In such circumstances, the AIDS program at once "dies" because it cannot just wait for the new T-helper cells [2].

It was found, for example, that AIDS program cannot work at blood temperature about 42 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the increase in blood temperature to 42 degrees and above causing a physical separation of the previously paired T-helper cells. Disconnected T-helpers again “will stand on duty” in protecting the body against the input infections, but the AIDS program at the same time simply “dies”. As a result, the man is completely cured of AIDS.

To increase the temperature of the human body, external influences are now used only two: the full human body heating by high-frequency device in a special chamber [3] or the full body heating in a hot water bath [4]. In this case, there are some problems. When a person is heated in a water bath, his head remains out of the water - in fact, the human body is not fully heated, and at the same time a complete cure of AIDS may not to come. Human heating by high-frequency device is more efficient. In both cases, treatment is required to apply some special method of the temperature control inside the human body. The low temperature (less than 42 degrees) would be ineffective, but the more higher temperature (over 44 degrees) can be dangerous for the body, because at high temperatures some proteins in the body can just curl up (as the egg protein during the cooking) and this process is not reversible.

I wrote that proteins can curl up “at high temperatures”, but under what temperatures? This issue still requires further research.

Look at your home medical thermometer - you see that his maximum scale indication is 42 degrees. It is known that at some cases, malaria and other diseases the human body temperature due to his internal resources may to be increased even up to 42 degrees Celsius. At this case proteins in the body never can curl up. Can the internal temperature of human body to rise even more and how much? This question is not fully investigated. However, from the history we know: while Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) was ill, his body temperature rose to 43.5 degrees, and then he died. About the fact that in his body some proteins curl up, in medical records we have no any data.

All the people had once be in the steam room. Normal human body temperature is known to be 36.6 degrees Celsius. When we are in the steam room, on a thermometer inside it we can see the temperature of 70, 80 and even 100 degrees. Whether it is dangerous? Naturally, person's pulse quickens in a hot room, blood pressure increases, the loads on the heart and blood vessels increases. If you have poor health, all these loads for your body can be dangerous. If you are normal, healthy man, then visiting the steam room will not hurt you. Moreover, it even may be very useful for you: after the sauna, many people feel some improvement and a surge of fresh forces.

The question arises, in the steam room temperature of the body can rise to 70 degrees or more? It turns out: this can never be (with a living person). It is known, that the human body's defenses are huge, including protecting the body from increasing its temperature. Of course, the skin contact with the hot air and rising the human body temperature takes place. However, this increase cannot reach great depths - heats only a small layer on the outside, so about the work of internal organs will take care your defense forces - the temperature of your inner organs will not rise at all. The first the observed manifestation of such protection - begins profuse sweating, in which a person's body temperature immediately drops.

So, what are the conclusions? The conclusions are simple: 36, 6 degrees Celsius - the normal temperature of the human body. If we seek to raise the body temperature to 42 degrees, organism will be desperate to resist. Perhaps he did not even allow us to achieve such temperature increasing by some external influence. And what to do? Of course, if we are able to partially disable the protection of the body from increasing its temperature, for the body temperature rising to 42 degrees, we seem can achieve. However, this problem requires a serious study and in terms of methodology this protection disabling, and in terms of some adverse unintended consequences of such disabling.

Parasitic AIDS program at 42 degrees Celsius and above simply "dies". In this case for her it does not matter by which path was reached such (or close to that) increasing the body temperature. We know that in certain diseases of the body's temperature rises spontaneously without any outside heating. It immediately follows that, for example, if the temperature of the body while malaria is very high (41 degrees or more), and yet the man was cured of malaria (not was dead of it), then you will not find any AIDS in this human. The same can be said of dengue fever. I think that there are medicines that can substantially to rise the internal body temperature without being subjected by any infectious mosquitoes and fevers.

Raise the temperature of the human body without external heating may be different. An interesting variant is described, for example, in the book of the famous traveler and writer Vladimir Gilyarovsky "Moscow and Muscovites" [5]. In his travels Giljarovsky appeared once in one village, where was raging smallpox and he contracted by it. Being strong and stubborn man, he could not accept this. He asked, where to find a good medicine man. Coming to the witch doctor, Giljarovsky from the doorway said, “Tell me, old man, how I can to expel the smallpox from me”. He looked at Gilyarovsky by the long, appraising look and then said: “If you have enough money to buy the cap, the cloak and the horse, you must buy them. When you will seat a horse, your will gallop somewhere. When your horse falls, get another horse, and move farther. When the second horse falls, buy a third horse and gallop on. When the third horse will fall, you will be healthy”. “Giljarovsky fulfilled all that the witch doctor told him. When the third horse fell, the rider who has lost over 16 kilos on road, has been completely cured of smallpox. This is a very convincing example of the practical application of the therapy by hyperthermia with the internal forces of the human body”.

Now we can summarize my results. As the variants of AIDS treatment options are possible, such as the following:

  1. High-frequency electromagnetic hyperthermia of the body in the special chamber.
  2. The whole-body hyperthermia using a hot water bath.
  3. Whole body hyperthermia due to intense inner workings of muscles with your own forces of the body (“Gilyarovsky method”).
  4. Termination of AIDS as a by-product of overheating the body by some other diseases (malaria, dengue fever).
  5. Artificial drug increasing the body temperature at the same time blocking the body's defenses.
  6. “Artificial fever” - raising by man his own body temperature by means of specially trained volitional effort (very rare chance).
  7. Artificial stop working thymus gland for a while.


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Alan C. Jackson
University of Manitoba

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Received date: January 05, 2017
Accepted date: March 02, 2017
Published date: March 06, 2017


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Makarov S (2017). The variants of AIDS treatment. Virol Res Rev 1: DOI: 10.15761/VRR.1000102

Corresponding author

Sergey Makarov

Independent Researcher, Riga, Latvia.

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