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DOI: 10.15761/DOCR.1000202

Salivary proteins as biomarkers in dental caries: In vivo study

February 02, 2017

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DOI: 10.15761/DOCR.1000203

Immediate implant placement in the infected sockets - A case series

February 03, 2017

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DOI: 10.15761/IMM.1000267

Proliferation without nuclei suggests mitochondrial cells (MitoCells) to be prokaryotic nature

January 26, 2017

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DOI: 10.15761/DOCR.1000200

A critical view on occlusion and registration

January 26, 2017

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DOI: 10.15761/CRT.1000169

Congenital icthyosis: A case report

January 26, 2017

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DOI: 10.15761/DOCR.1000198

Treatment of odontogenic cutaneous sinus tract misdiagnosed for 6 years

January 24, 2017

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